Wednesday, December 26, 2012


They are super cute and we got the accessories too! Later today I will do reviews!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I got for christmas....

I got Caroline,  I phone, and a 40.00 gift card to american girl! And my sis got Kit!!! They are both so pretty!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Samantha post(the doll:)

My Name is Samantha the doll not Samantha the author of this blog :) Let me tell you about myself...
1.I am from eBay! and i got bought for $127.21!!
2.I am Pleasant  company doll from the late 80s
3.I love the color blue!
4. for 20 years i was kept in a glass box on a shelf ;(
5. I am AWESOME!!!
   With 80s love Samantha (the doll)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Marie Grace post!

Hi i am the doll Marie grace!(yes the doll) Let me tell you about my self!
1. I love the color PINK
2. I might go to the doll hospital in January :(
3.I have Cecile's bed!!!
4.I am Mommies first doll!
5. It took me a hour to do this my fingers are so small and my arms are to short! (Ha ha)
                       <Marie Grace>

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ruthie Post!

Hello children and dollies of the internet, I am Ruthie and there is a couple of things i want to tell you all!
1. 11 days til Christmas!
2. My mommies little sister might get Kit as her first doll for christmas!
3.Any recommendations on doll christmas trees as in places and prices?
4. this was so much fun!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The Last repetitive day we will ever see! A post is coming to night kicking off the 12 days of Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Friendly Friday

Start Sending in your Pictures for Friendly Friday deadline is 6:00 AM Friday Morning!
     (sorry bout no make it Monday a few reasons why i did not this week but will do it next week sorry!) 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Blog background trouble!!!

Hey Dollies and their  Mommies i am having background trouble see how at the top it wont have the background but as you scroll  down  it appears do any of you know how to fix it? It is kinda getting on my nerves!!!
P.S. The make it Monday will be tomorrow this week (Sorry)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

This was on the American girl Fan Message board

This was on the American girl Fan Message board and was first from The AG FB page this is what it read.....;(Dear American girl...All my daughter Hannah wanted was McKenna for Christmas. I was disappointed to see they were sold out but I found one on Ebay. Our Christmas dreams were crushed when we came home to see that our dog had gotten to the delivered package that was left by our front door. I am humblying asking you for help to get our McKenna fixed or a new one for Christmas. Please Help!  Sincerely, Rachele and Hannah Richard                                                                                          
   If that was my dog i dont think she would be at my house any more (but would not happen cuz she stays in side)  But at least the clothes are alright....:'(

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Style it Saturday! The Braided Bun!

How to do the Braided bun!
This is a really fun hairstyle to do with dolls with long hair!
*Staring Marie-Grace*

You wil need
American girl brush
a pony tail
bobby pins
spray bottle (optional)
Bow or ribbon(optional)
and a doll

First separate your dolls hair like above (the dolls hands are like 2 extra hands)

Then put the hair in the middle in a pony tail

Then start twisting the dolls hair until it starts to coil up and twist it up like below 

twist it up like this

Then braid the hair on the sides sepratly and hold it at an angle and use your elastic at the end and twist it around the bun and hide the end and pin it with a bobby pin and do the other side the same!


American Girl Hair Care-Downy Spritz

If your doll has Frizzy Hair but not enough to do a Downy Dunk or Just those little sticking up Hairs,or want your dolls hair to look like the American girl salon did it well this is for you! (Ask a parent before doing this)

You will need: Downy softener
American girl Hairbrush
tooth brush(unused plz)
a misting bottle(mine is from American girl)
A Hand towel or a styling cape
And a doll 

Get your misting bottle and fill it up with water until 25% is left without water

And then fill the rest up with downy (This will get a little messy so do it over a sink)

Yikes crazy frizzy hair!

Pretty Marie Grace (the styling chair is from Wal*Mart)

Spay Her whole head of hair adt then brush it though And repeat with the toothbrush instead of the brush!

Tada! (This will be the Hairstyle later on today)
Check Back after lunch for the how to on the hair style above!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

American Girl on the News!

Tomorrow at 9:00 am on Jill's deals and steals there will be "a" american girl item!!!
Will be watching this I guess i am pretty lucky to be home schooled!!! are any of you homeschooled P.S. I may video it when it comes on!!

Guess who winner!

Congrats NatKaya you won the guess who and it was MAG 17 in the volleyball outfit!
The new one will be tomorrow!                               ~Samantha~

Bye Kenna!

We will miss you McKenna P.S. i think i was tearing up doing this boohoohoo!!!
                                                             Enjoy!(but don't cry ha ha)

What doll(s) do you have?

I have three dolls Marie Grace Ruthie Samantha and Marie grace mini doll! And i what Caroline for Christmas! ~ Samantha~

Guess Who!

                                    Guess Who!

This or That Tuesday!

My First This or That! Tell me which ones you like in comments!

1. My American girl or historical? For me its historical!
2.Doll clothes or doll furniture? for me it is clothes!
3.American Girl movies or books? Both!!!
4.Doll diaries or American girl Fan? Both!!
5.Reindeer PJ's or Coconut PJ's? Reindeer!!!
6. What Lots and Lots of dolls or just one?Lots!
7.Sporty clothes or dresses?Both
8.American Girl Magazine or Catalog?Magazine!
9.Store or online?Store!
10. Kenna or Saige? Both (very sad bout Kenna;'(

Monday, December 3, 2012

Send in your pictures for Friendly Friday!

Friendly friday is where all of you send me a email with a picture of your doll(s) and i share them on Friday but you have to send them in before Thursday at 9:00 PM email me at please please do it please please please!!!

Guess Who winner!

Congrats NatKaya! it is Number 35 in the Sweet School dress!


Style it Saturday Poll!

Should I do a Style It Saturday with hair styles for your dolls(or you!) every Sat. so vote on the right side of my Blog!

Make it Monday a Doll wreath!

Today I am going to show you how to make a doll Christmas wreath! And
Ruthie wants to help us! 

Step 1: You will need:
a stapler
ribbon(about 2 doll lengths;)
and a oval from a gift bag or cardboard)
And the garland (you can use how much you want to for big or small)

Get your garland and double it up like this 

Then make it a circle like that and staple the 2 ends that meet.

Now, put it on your oval and staple it and cut of the ends that stick out on the side.
then, make a bow with your ribbon (yes, Ruthie is holding it)

Then staple the bow on..

And now your finished and you can use different colors of garland, I like the silver one better!
 P.S. Sorry for the bad pic quality i had to use my moms I phone:)

Guess Who!

 Guess Who in the comments the doll number and the outfit!

Guess Who!

Congrats ~L~ You guessed MAG 23 in the campus casual outfit in the innerstar u jacket!
                                                                                            ~ Samantha~

Sunday, December 2, 2012

No more McKenna its official ;,(

I just saw this when i was on the AG website Boo hoo hoo! I want to cry this year went by waayyy to fast it feels like just last month I was squealing to see the first ever pictures of her. I guess sometime i will do a slide show of all of her collection....
                                                  A crying American girl fan  

Spread the word and Follow!!

Hey guys, Just wanted to ask if you can spread the word about Forever American Girl so I can get followers and such ,So spread the word!And thanks to My three awesome followers for following if you are reading this and not a follower please follow!
                            P.S. tomorrow there will be a craft!


Thank you so much Pretty Lilly, Rose,& Dolly Girl!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Here is my Christmas Wishlist!!!

Want her sooo Bad!1
Ruthie needs her PJS!! 


My dolls might get hot in this!! But still would love to have it!!



Adorable! Lovin the antlers!


Guess Who!

Okay, So the object of the game is to guess which My American Girl Doll is in the picture and what she is wearing!  

How to enter: in the comments bar enter number of the doll (if you don't know your numbers of the dolls  just but the hair and eye combo) and you name. 

Have fun! 

P.S. I cant get my blog to put the title it is Guess who!

Friday, November 30, 2012

My First post!

My name is Samantha, I am 12 years old and I live i Louisiana. I love American Girl I have 3 dolls Marie~Grace Ruthie & Samantha(the doll) and MG the mini doll. I soon hope to have Caroline for Christmas. (my wishlist is soon to come) I am a Christan girl and I am homescholled with my 4 other siblings Brayden, Mary Elizabeth And the twins Joshua and Kaitlyn. I have 5 pets A Sheltie Lola my kitty Opal and 3 fish. I love American girl Fan And doll diaries!

I Samantha Lynn Morin will try my hardest to post once a day i will love and care for my blog and never ever forget about it.