Saturday, December 8, 2012

American Girl Hair Care-Downy Spritz

If your doll has Frizzy Hair but not enough to do a Downy Dunk or Just those little sticking up Hairs,or want your dolls hair to look like the American girl salon did it well this is for you! (Ask a parent before doing this)

You will need: Downy softener
American girl Hairbrush
tooth brush(unused plz)
a misting bottle(mine is from American girl)
A Hand towel or a styling cape
And a doll 

Get your misting bottle and fill it up with water until 25% is left without water

And then fill the rest up with downy (This will get a little messy so do it over a sink)

Yikes crazy frizzy hair!

Pretty Marie Grace (the styling chair is from Wal*Mart)

Spay Her whole head of hair adt then brush it though And repeat with the toothbrush instead of the brush!

Tada! (This will be the Hairstyle later on today)
Check Back after lunch for the how to on the hair style above!

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