Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This or That Tuesday!

My First This or That! Tell me which ones you like in comments!

1. My American girl or historical? For me its historical!
2.Doll clothes or doll furniture? for me it is clothes!
3.American Girl movies or books? Both!!!
4.Doll diaries or American girl Fan? Both!!
5.Reindeer PJ's or Coconut PJ's? Reindeer!!!
6. What Lots and Lots of dolls or just one?Lots!
7.Sporty clothes or dresses?Both
8.American Girl Magazine or Catalog?Magazine!
9.Store or online?Store!
10. Kenna or Saige? Both (very sad bout Kenna;'(


  1. 1: It depends... The older introduced historcals (Julie and earlier), MAG 28, and all the jess mold MAGs
    2: doll clothes, I only have furniture I made out of boxes for them
    3: books. I've only watched a few, but for instance, the Samantha movie is NOTHING like her books.
    4: both! I read both sites.
    5: probably reindeer
    6: lots of dolls! I only have two...
    7: both.
    8: catalog
    9: store, except I've never been there...
    10: yeah, both (miss you already, Kenna! :'()


  2. 1. Historical!
    2. Clothes!
    3. Both!
    4. Doll Diaries!
    5. Reindeer!
    6. Lots!
    7. Um... Probabaly sporty clothes!
    8. Both!
    9. Store! (Never been there but I want to go)
    10. Saige!


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