Friday, March 1, 2013

Friendly Friday A Photostory from Cecile

"Bonjour! I my name is Cecile and I will be showing you what happens on my Friday."


"This is my bedroom. You can see my dolls Samantha, Nellie, and my teddy bear."

"Here I am reading my Bible. I am holding my teddy bear."
"This is a picture of my sister Nellie and I eating breakfast."

"These are my puppies named Golden and Brownie. In this picture I  just finished giving them water."

"This is my uniform. I am brushing my teeth in this picture."

"This is my baby sister Tori. In this picture I am giving her a hug before I leave for school."

"This is my school desk. My teacher took this picture for me."
"This is all of my books. I love my AG notebook!"
"When I get home, I do my chores. Today I need to do laundry."
"Then I do my homework. It is more fun now that I have my own laptop."
"Here are my science  notes and homework. I love Science!"
"On Fridays I work on my 4H projects. This week I have to sew a bag."
"I make sure to take lots of pictures!"

"I am practicing my violin for an upcoming recital. I am so nervous!"
"I go to my art class on Friday afternoons. What should I paint today?"

"After art class I go to ballet. I have been dancing for almost six years."

These are our horses, Dale and Chocolate Chip. I might take them for a ride tonight."

"Chocolate Chip loves to be brushed."
"It's finally time for my bubble bath. It makes me feel relaxed at the end of  a long day."

"My sisters and I always watch a movie together on Friday nights. We sometimes get to stay up past our bedtimes while we play games!"

"This fire is so warm!"

"Well, that's pretty much it for my Friday. I hope you liked my photo story!"


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- Mary E.