Saturday, March 23, 2013

What Do you think of my new Design?/ Some Rambles

Tell me what you think in the Poll! I HATE IT!!! JK JK (Just Kiding JK) I Love it! But one Problem Megan from Dazzling Design Studio Hasn't sent Me my Signature Yet....Ohhh Meeeggg.... But my little rainbow thing works fine for now... And My banner Dosent Say "Forver" Any More! (It was a Typo)


Soooooo It's only 8 days til Easter! And If you want to Give me a Easter present go and Put in a order for a create a doll!
If you are interested in Advertising your etsy shop or store etc. email me;)
I am reading The Kirsten Book series my Good (in real life) Friend Gracie loaned to me its Great so far!
My I Phones Back light went out;( Needs to get fixed I miss it....)



  1. Your blog looks cute..I voted love it :) & I just hit publish on your post!

  2. Thanks, Samantha! I'm glad you're enjoying the book! What part are you on?

  3. I put up your easter present! ;)


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