Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Package From Pretty Lily Came!

Yay! Thank you so much Pretty Lilly Its a-doll-able!

Doll/Fashion Tags

1. If you could create any American Girl Doll, what would she look like and what would her name be?
Umm... She would probably have red short curly hair hazel eyes and her name would be Abigail

2. What american Girl Dolls do you have?
Marie Grace,Ruthie,Samantha,Caroline, and Kit(Who is my sisters but I dress her and stuff:)

 3. Do you have any non-AG 18" dolls?
Yes a Madam Alexander who I gave to my youngest sister who Loves AG

 4. What is your absolute favorite brand of dolls?
American Girl

5. What is the next doll(s) (AG or non-AG) you want to get?
Saige,Molly,Emily, Julie,and Ivy

 6. What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls?
Dress them, Do Thier hair, Take picture of them and Go to My good Friend Gracie's house and Play dolls :)(She has a AG Doll house;)
7. Do you have a place for your dolls, like a corner of the room, where their beds are and stuff?
A spot in the corner of my room but I am getting a doll house for them soon!

 8. Would you rather use the computer/watch TV/play on your electrical device/play video games/play with your dolls?
"Play" with my dolls and then use the computer.  (You know, to blog!)(Same answer from Adollable dolls)

9. If your parents told you could only have 1 doll, what would you do?
 What?!?!? I already have 4!!!

  10. Have you ever found an American Girl brand item (can be anything) at a second-hand store?
Yes I Found the Friends book(From Chrissa's set) (And yes I looked every where for Sonali and Gwen Cause That's their book:)

  11. Do your friends share your love for dolls?
Only 2 of them:(

   12. What is your favorite non-AG doll brand?
Walmarts Brand(Because The clothes and stuff;)
 13. Where do you get your inspiration?
Myself and other blogs.

 14. Does anyone in your family share your love for dolls?
Yes!  My little sister! And My cousin Ellie

 15. Where did you get the idea to start a blog?
Ummm My mom started a blog and I was Like Hey I'll start my own!!

                                            I award(I only did 4:P)
                                           The Spicy Girls
                                          Danielle Marie

Now Onto my second tag!

What are you wardrobe Staples?

3. Most expensive clothing item you own?
Ummm Let Me go to my closet...
A dress from Justice
 4. Most wanted item?
I really adorable shirt from Justice
 5. Favorite designer?
Areopostale, Justice,Gymboree ...
 6. How much do you spend on clothing? 
Ummm A Good bit , That's why they call it a Shopping spree
 7. Favorite places to shop?
8. Favorite Fragrance? 
Island Vanilla(Its at whole Foods) 
  9. Favorite way to do your hair?
Down, Side braid, Or just a ponytail
 10. Most prized possession?
My AG dolls:)

O.K. So I like Justice But you wont find me wearing Short Shorts, Sleeveless things,
 Bikins, (Just Tanknis For Me:) Or weird tees and Such:P
I award the same Peeps at the top

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My audition for My AG Doll Blogs GOTY contest

Sooo Heres my entry

This is McKinley Jones a Girl Of The Year doll She loves to make friends and ride her horse, Cookie Dough.

Meet McKinley Jones a 12 year old girl living in sunny Cali(California), with her two good friends Kylie and Savannah and  having what she would call "The best life ever" at school but at home she really isn't. Her dad got fired and her home is soon to be foreclosed on. But McKinley is wanting to take a stand and try to get as many jobs possible for a 12 year old girl. Will everything turn out all right?? Find out in McKinley Stands Strong and Thanks to, McKinley

 And here's a link to the contest rules and stuff: Click Here!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I won a Giveaway!

I won Pretty Lilly's Giveaway!
That Is The outfit I won!
(Picture Via Pretty Lilly an American Girl)

Thank You Soooo Much Pretty Lilly!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hi! Dollygirl at Dollygirls Tearsures awarded me the Violets and Daisies Brilliant Blog Bouquet award!!!
Thanks Dollygirl!

Now for the questions!

1. If you could have a "flower pen name" like we have here on our blog, Violets and Daisies what would it be? 

Hmm, well, Violet (Maybe:)

2. What is your favorite ever Bible verse and why?
Psalms 23:4
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me./Why? The Verse says it all:)
                                     3. What are the blogs which inspire you most?

Ooo,All Of The blogs I follow on My side bar;)

4. If you and your friends could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

Hawaii, Bahamas,Or any place with an AG store;)
The first 5 people to comment(with a blog;)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Edit Edit Edit!

So, I've Been editing photos of Ruthie and Caroline from previous photo shoots on Ribbet.com I'll show you what I used on each photo. I love looking away photos as you may can tell my dolls are never looking at the camera:P
I used
Black and White Then erased the mirror to the regular color
and I forgot which font I used:-/
(I did one just like this but vice versa)

I used on this photo:
Text using Jandles 

For This one I used:
Text using Joyful Juliana

Hand Tint
And Text using PUPCAT

As you can tell I love using vignette! (LOL)
Hope You enjoyed my Edits!



P.S. In The first photo Caroline's Name is Caroline Marie ,Should Marie be her Middle Name? Even Though I have Marie Grace?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Behind The Scenes!

So you must be looking at the title saying That Probably has something to do With Saige Paints the Sky! Well It Doesn't! I am going to show you a picture of a Picture in progress, Get It?
So this Is My photo For The American Girl Fan Photo contest.
 The backdrop Is a piece of fabric that I had on hand
The Sign Is White paper Laminated and The Heart thing I made
 The Roses Where A Valentines Day Gift(Speaking of Which I need to go water those...)
Bows were what I had on hand
And It was Taken In My moms room with the Fabric tucked in the dresser drawer(It works GREAT)
(The Carpet in that Picture Looks really yellow! Its more of a Beige Tan-ish color)
And Here's How it came out! Can't even tell  that it was  attached to the dresser!

Go enter Pretty Lily's Giveaway!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thats a Lolli winner!

And the winner is....…...……......................…................................................………............….….............................................................................….…………………………Annie! Email me ( aglover4ever619@gmail.com)For the Shiping detals! If I dont here from Annie within three days I will pick a new winner.Congrats Annie!

 (:Samantha Lynn:)

Monday, April 1, 2013


Soo um  I haven't had much time to keep up my blog soo this blog has come to its end thanks to all my followers  who gave me this great experience! So Bye;( Oh and also I will be selling Ruthie on eBay I just haven't really connected with her;(

Signing out for the last time

     :P APRIL FOOLS!  :P    

Hope I didn't Scare you!LOL I am NOT leaving (not yet anyways;) Oh and I got a Bunny for Easter I will put up pictures later and shes only 4 weeks old!!! Oh and My cousin Ellie is having a sleepover and she has Caroline, Kate(MAG), And Rebecca! I'm off to get Doughnuts!