Thursday, April 11, 2013

Behind The Scenes!

So you must be looking at the title saying That Probably has something to do With Saige Paints the Sky! Well It Doesn't! I am going to show you a picture of a Picture in progress, Get It?
So this Is My photo For The American Girl Fan Photo contest.
 The backdrop Is a piece of fabric that I had on hand
The Sign Is White paper Laminated and The Heart thing I made
 The Roses Where A Valentines Day Gift(Speaking of Which I need to go water those...)
Bows were what I had on hand
And It was Taken In My moms room with the Fabric tucked in the dresser drawer(It works GREAT)
(The Carpet in that Picture Looks really yellow! Its more of a Beige Tan-ish color)
And Here's How it came out! Can't even tell  that it was  attached to the dresser!


  1. You should do a special post because you have over 6,000 pageviews! :)
    Did you win anything from that picture?


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