Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Edit Edit Edit!

So, I've Been editing photos of Ruthie and Caroline from previous photo shoots on Ribbet.com I'll show you what I used on each photo. I love looking away photos as you may can tell my dolls are never looking at the camera:P
I used
Black and White Then erased the mirror to the regular color
and I forgot which font I used:-/
(I did one just like this but vice versa)

I used on this photo:
Text using Jandles 

For This one I used:
Text using Joyful Juliana

Hand Tint
And Text using PUPCAT

As you can tell I love using vignette! (LOL)
Hope You enjoyed my Edits!



P.S. In The first photo Caroline's Name is Caroline Marie ,Should Marie be her Middle Name? Even Though I have Marie Grace?


  1. I really, really like the first one. That is probably my favorite effect.

  2. Lovely edited pics :) I think Caroline's middle name shouldn't be Marie! Can you checkout my blog-http://aggirlforever.blogspot.in/
    I followed u. Hope you have 50 followers soon.

  3. Cool! I awarded you at my blog!


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