Thursday, June 20, 2013


Yesterday for my birthday as a present from my parents, I got Saige!

Introducing...Miss Saigeee Copelandd!

Her ring is super tiny!

Boots(Me and my Dad were joking around about her having no socks but wearing cowboy boots,Saige is going to have blisters:))



Rope Braid in the back

And I thought this was pretty cool,A rainbow on my Birthday;)


  1. Happy birthday, Samantha Lynn!

  2. Cute pictures! Congrats on Saige and Happy Birthday!

  3. Oh she's beautiful, Samantha! <3

  4. Congrats! Saige is so beautiful!

    Adollable Dolls

  5. So pretty congrats!
    please check out my blog
    It would mean a lot because I look up to you and your blog

  6. She is so pretty. You are lucky. m Happy birthday. I posted about you on my blog.
    thanks for the great headbands. they are very special to me.

  7. she is soo pretty I want her soo badly and I love ur blog will u check out mine and follow it and tell ur blog to check it out and do this only if u think u like my blog but I just started so I don't have any followers and please coment so I know u checked it out cuse that would make my day

    1. What is the link to your blog?

    2. sorry I forgot to write it there I was just really busy um its
      or if u are having troubles click on my name

  8. I really like your blog an follow it, could you please check out mine? Thanks, you are really doing a great job and I check it all the time.

  9. Happy Birthday!!! And a rainbow???? Thats luck! lol ;) And congratulations on Saige! Yay! I REEEEEEEALY want her! :D :D :D

    -meghan at

  10. and BTW, how old are you?? Your super pretty! :)


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