Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Review with 123 Mulberry Street

Recently I came in contact with Sandra and she kindly donated an outfit for review,Thanks so much Sandra

Caroline was so happy to be a model for me and this outfit looks gorgeous on her!  
The outfit consist of a Sweater Shirt and Beautifully detailed Capri-pants with little gold bows at the hem, and a elastic-like waist


The beautifully stitched pants......LOVE  
The elastic waist  makes it super easy for little girls to put on(And big girls too:)
The back is just like a real sweater no-Velcro so dolls hair can't get caught! Yaay
One of my Favorite things about the pants is the pockets that can hold doll sized goodies!

A close up off the sparkly star, and when I touch it  sparkles don't fall off!

And last but not least..... The little gold bows(Shoes not Included)

I absolutely love this outfit!!! And dont forget to go to 123 Mulberry Street and check it out!


  1. Wow! That is a really cute outfit!

  2. How much did it cost? And u should really blog more often! Evry single day I check ur blog and ther are never new post. PLEASE POST MORE OFTEN!!!!

    1. I Think it was in the price range of 18.00 and 23.00 I dont remember... Yeah Im trying to get back in the swing of that...

    2. Can you please give me a link to your Etsy shop? Or do you not have it started yet?

    3. Well, I haven't started yet, But over the past couple months I have been making things:)

  3. adorbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbsss outfit! so cute i wish i had it for myself! lol

    -Meghan at

  4. Hi Samantha! I am new to your blog (I sent you an email). I found your blog by clicking on your name in a comment on Love your blog!!


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