Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who Wears it Best?{ American Girl Style!}

Who Wears the Frosty Party Outfit Best from Christmas 2011?
Saige .VS. Caroline Abbott

Take Your Pick in the Comment Box Below  Saige OR Caroline?

P.S. Sorry about the quality:}


  1. They're both so pretty in it!! I think I'll have to go with Saige, though :)

  2. The light blue really compliments Saige's hair nicely! I'm going to have to go with her!

  3. Saige looks best in this outfit. Caroline looks nice too, but it washes her out a bit.

  4. I think I like Saige the best! The outfit looks nice with her hair and eye color. :)

  5. Saige..or Caroline..?
    I think I will have to go with.....SAIGE!!!

  6. What do you think, Samantha?

  7. Saige! :)

    -Heidi at aginohio.blogspot.com

  8. Saige the best! It brings out her hair. :)


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