Friday, April 25, 2014

Isabelle Happy Meal Toys (and Rambles:} )

So pretty soon Mcdonalds will be selling Isabelle Themed Happy Meal toys!
Whos dolls are Psyched? Mine are! LOL

At first I thought that the dolls in the picture above were the AG minis modeling outfits for the Isabelle minis, Now that would be COOL :)

But the paper dolls are just a tad bit Creepy kind like Isabelle's game .....

Yeah, Scary I know I think they are trying to give little kids nightmares,LOL!!

And who has seen this, Diffrent because they really have noting to do with each other But O.K. .....

Well thats a Post :)

Happy belated Easter:-D
 photo rect8986_zps168f849c.png


  1. I'm having a contest giveaway at

  2. This is so cool i want one so bad!

    -Heidi- :D

  3. I'm looking forward to the next set of Happy Meal toys. It's always great when AG and McD's team up.


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