Saturday, September 23, 2017

Doll Magazine!

  hey everybody! sorry it has been So long since a post ,but here I am!
                                                            (this is a doll magazine you can print)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

2018 GOTY!!

Here she is!! Luciana Vega, the 2018 Girl of The Year! Her theme is space, and it looks like the color scheme is various shades of purple with slightly blue-ish green

Luciana appears to have the Josefina mold, medium skin, brown eyes, thick feathered eyebrows (or possibly Lea's eyebrow shape), and black/dark brown hair that comes below her shoulders with a purple highlight. The thing that struck me right away was that she looks exactly like Truly Me #66! Does this mean yet another Truly Me doll will be advertised as the Girl of the Year? I hope it just appears that way because of the image quality. We've been anticipating Luciana since the day her name was trademarked, and she's bound to have several qualities that set her apart from most dolls.... hopefully. 😬

Her outfit consists of a purple knit turtleneck top, a metallic green bomber jacket with fun patches, grey shorts, and purple sneakers. At the time, we do not know if this is her meet outfit. I'm guessing the jacket's patches are somehow associated with the space camp mentioned below.

he Robo Dog can make 20+ different sounds, has a posable body, and a magnetic mouth. Luciana definitely holds the record for owning the most unique AG pet! (But now that I think of it, there has to be a tie between Robo Dog and Lea's Sloth. C'mon, it was a sloth!

From what we know, Luciana Vega seems to be an exciting and innovative character, with many exclusive items and features in her collection. She is a budding scientist with a passion for studying outer space, and even enrolls in a Space Camp! And of course, you can't forget Robo Dog!   (Really! I can't wait to see his/her role in Luciana's books!)

I am excited to see Luciana's storyline unfold as we discover more about her personality and interests in the coming months. However, she looks extremely similar to Truly Me #66, and this same situation happened at the beginning of 2017 with Gabriela. I hope it doesn't continue as a pattern AG will follow... 😬

So, it's time for YOU to share! Tell us your opinion on the newest GOTY in the comments. It's fun to hear what others think on things like this! 

-Mary Elizabeth
P.S  thank you  doll days! p.s.s sorry how late in the day this post is;]

Friday, September 15, 2017

welcome to pretty pics photo shoot!

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